Normal Service Approvals and Comission

3.3.1. Process for approval of Product Information, Prices and Commission

To ensure the consistency of the Product (s) listed for sale on the Site, Maudde reserves the right to accept or reject the Product information provided by a Seller before publishing it. If Product information is accepted, Maudde will send the Seller an email about the Selling Price and Commission value that will be included in the Price if the Seller agrees to list the Product for sale on the Site under those conditions.

The services offered by Maudde are remunerated by means of a commission which is deducted by Maudde from the Price paid by the Buyer for the Product.

Maudde calculates the Commission on a Fixed Fee scale that applies only to Sellers covered by the General Terms and Conditions for Sale - Normal Service.

 The commission received by Maudde corresponds to an amount paid by the Buyer for each transaction and in exchange for services between the Seller and the Buyer relating to the organization and publication of the Product on the Site, analysis of the Product, sales and invoicing and delivery of the Product to the Buyer. Maudde acts as Sellers agent and its commission is included in the Selling Price for which the Product is listed on the Site.

The Commission received by Maudde in case of sale of a Product will be calculated according to the following fixed scale of the Commission:

In Euros

17% (taxes included) for Prices over € 2500;

18% (taxes included) for Prices ranging from € 2 001 to € 2 500;

20% (taxes included) for Prices ranging from € 1 001 to € 2 000;

23% (taxes included) for Prices ranging from € 401 to € 1 000;

25% (taxes included) for Prices ranging from € 201 to € 400;

27% (taxes included) for Prices ranging from € 81 to € 200;

20 € (taxes included) for Prices ranging from € 25 and € 80

This method of calculating the Commissions will be applicable as of March 7, 2019 and will therefore apply to all Products offered for sale after that date.

The Commissions previously agreed upon by Seller and Maudde in the previous forms of calculation of the Commissions shall remain unchanged with respect to Products offered for sale prior to this date.

Please note that a new scale will not result in any refund on previously contracted transactions (if, for example, a Seller finds a difference between the amount of the Commission on the basis of the Commission's current fixed scale). On the other hand, Maudde is not authorized to request any reimbursement on that basis.

Maudde reserves the right to modify the fixed scale of the Commission at any time.

The scale applied shall be the scale in force on the date on which a Product is offered for sale.

Maudde will only be entitled to the Commission once the Product has been sold.

Maudde may suggest a change in Price to be consistent with that of other Products listed on the Site and with the expectations of the market in general. Sellers therefore agree to discuss Price in good faith with Maudde.

Throughout the entire sale process, the Price and related commission will be fully disclosed to Seller. Before a Product is listed for sale on the Site, Seller will have to confirm that he agrees to the Price and the percentage of Maudde's Commission.

Maudde will make every effort to validate and publish the Product and information within a reasonable time. In the case of an agreement be reached between Maudde and a Seller, an email must be sent to Seller allowing it to confirm its agreement to the Price before Product Information is published