The State of Fashion Report

For three years now, during the Winter Season, the Business of Fashion, considered the global authority of fashion news, analysis and business intelligence, together with McKinzey&Company, one of the most prestigious global consulting firms, release the State of Fashion.
This report analyse how well the industry is performing and  identifies the top priorities, both business and creative, for the next year. It is indispensable for anyone who is interested not only in fashion and creative areas in general, but also in business, as it makes a very relevant global economic analysis.
On the State of Fashion 2019 it is said that consumers will continue to be more and more interested in buying second-hand clothes or even renting, rather than owning new ones. This is linked to the fact that there is an increasing concern from the new generations of consumers with environmental and social sustainability.  
Which only confirms that Maudde is on the right side of the industry :) 
Download the study here