The Future, Rocketman, the Waste problem and Sneakers Auction




The future is now! 

Fashion designer Pierre Cardin always imagined how life would be out of this world. Did you know that he was one of the few civilians who tried on Neil Armstrong's spacesuit back in 1969?

As a true fan of the space age, Cardin has reinvented classics like the miniskirt and often introduced in his garments innovative synthetic materials.
A career retrospective with over 170 works focused on Cardin's couture pieces, opens at the Brooklyn Museum and coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, how interesting? Know more about it here.


Rocketman – the biopic that takes Elton John costumes to another level

Costume designer Julian Day’s is a biopic veteran whose desire was to create something never seen before. By making 80 different costumes, Day’s wanted to represent Elton by the way he dressed in a very unique but fantasy way. Every single costume would express his feelings throughout the film. Get a sneak peek of the looks here.


Waste is a constant presence in the fashion industry 

By now we all should know that the consumption of textile in fashion (the after production) is very wasteful, since consumers are buying more clothes and wearing them less. So there is a urgent need to change the old bad choices into more sustainable habits. But what we also need to know is that the pre-production is also very wasteful.
The design and production of the clothes as well as the need to create more secondary markets for the waste generated by fashion brands have an important role in this subject. Get to know the real size of the problem and the story of some people who are doing something to change the world, like Camille Diana Tagle who gave up her job as a fashion designer and became the co-founder of a nonprofit fashion waste management organization called Fabscrap.  Read here.


For the sneakers lovers – An auction with 100 of the world's rarest sneakers is going to happen at Sotheby's!

From Rare Nike “Moon Shoe” to a self-lacing pair of trainers or even a high top style designed by Kanye West for Louis Vuitton, you can find some of the most wanted and valuable sneakers ever.
The cheapest pair has a starting bid of $1.800 and the most expensive can cost $29.000.
Maudde really values vintage/preloved pieces not only because they’re unique but also because of the story behind the piece which is what makes it so special. How charismatic can be a worn pair of sneakers? They instantly look cooler, right? Find out more about this auction here.