Fashion History, Sustainability, Blockchain and Gulbenkian.


Try not to get lost in this blog and its amazing stories!
One of the difficulties we had in this suggestion was to choose just one post to represent this blog. Mostly because there are so many and all so interesting that every time we chose one, we soon found another as interesting as the previous one. This is an incredible fashion history blog and we ended up choosing the last post to simplify! Here!


We have work to do!
We, at Maudde, are doing our share to change the fashion industry into a more sustainable one but there’s still a lot to be done when it comes to sustainability in fashion. This month more than 1,000 fashion executives were in Copenhagen to discuss sustainability in fashion in the largest annual summit about this subject. Here you can read the key takeaways from the event. If you’d like to check all the event and discussions you can do it here.


Blockchain – what is it and how does it guarantee exclusivity and authenticity!
Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing sectors in technology. Despite this, there are still many doubts about what it is exactly and how it can be used. This week in Vogue Business there’s an article that discusses some of the areas in the fashion industry that blockchain is transforming. Read here


An exhibition not to miss!
One of the places where we spent most of our time working for Maudde is in the Gulbenkian art library, one of our favorite places to be in Lisbon. Those who visit the Foundation these days can see an exhibition dedicated to the life history of the founder, Calouste Gulbenkian!