Orange, Fendimania, Met Gala and Fashion Podcasts

Orange is one of the most seen colors in the Spring/Summer 2019 collections. The My Modern Met explains the history of this (and many other) colors in a simple, brief, but very interesting way, read it here.

Another of the biggest trends this year is the Monogram Mania.
We revive the 2000s, the era of Paris Hilton and the Trashy fashion. Everywhere, from the runway to the instagram we see the return of the brand monograms repeated to infinity.
One of the brands that has recovered this pattern and one of the most sought after this year is Fendi and we, at Maudde, have a beautiful orange Monogram bag from Fendi. Grab it before it's gone.

Every year, the first Monday in May is reserved for the celebration of the annual Costume Institute exhibition which, in addition to the New York City "crown jewel" of the fashion parties, also serves as a fundraiser for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute.  
Every year the Met Gala has a theme related to the exhibition and this year's theme is "Camp: Notes on fashion", inspired by a 1964 essay by Susan Sontag.
Camp is "something so outrageously artificial (...) to the point of being considered fun."
Time Magazine has an incredible guide to this whole new/old concept here.
There's only a few hours left for the beginning of the Met Gala and it is worth noting the concept so we can conveniently analyze all the looks that will flood the digital media during the next few days.

Here at Maudde we are obsessed with podcasts and our favorite at the moment is The Gucci Podcast. Each episode features some of the artists who are collaborating with creative director Alessandro Michele and present an insight into the narrative, inspiration and vision of the fashion House founded in 1921. Listen here.