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Stella McCartney and Adidas, Fashion and Surrealism, Digital Clothing and Haute Couture.

Fashion and art always had a close connection and surrealism was one of the artistic movements that had a very significant part in fashion."Working with artists like Bebe Berard, Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali, Vertes, Van Dongen; and with photographers like Hoyningen Huene, Horst, Cecil Beaton and Man Ray gave one a sense of exhilaration. One felt supported and understood beyond the crude and boring reality of merely making a dress to sell." —Elsa Schiaparelli. 

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Gucci and the Millennials, Hip-Hop Culture, the New Fashion Paradigm and Bansky

Since the arrival of Alessandro Michele, the current creative director of the brand, Gucci has become one of the fashion houses most sought after by millennials, to the point that the age range of 25-35 represents now 50% of this brand's sales. The experts say it happens because Gucci has been able to bring the store experience and digital together. Bizarri, Ceo's brand, adds that "Intuition and instinct are more important than rationality".The success deconstructed here.

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Fashion History, Sustainability, Blockchain and Gulbenkian.

One of the difficulties we had in this suggestion was to choose just one post to represent this blog. Mostly because there are so many and all so interesting that every time we chose one, we soon found another as interesting as the previous one. This is an incredible fashion history blog and we ended up choosing the last post to simplify!

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